A Detailed Examination Of Rational Evening Dress Programs

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That leaves little to no room for acts that dominate Top 40 radio, where women have a strong presence, from Katy Perry to Rihanna. Halsey, the Grammy-nominated singer who is readying her second alternative album and had one of last year's biggest pop hits with "Closer" alongside the Chainsmokers, performed at Coachella last year. The 22-year-old said women who perform alternative music are often billed as pop artists because of their sex. "Festivals like Coachella, they pride themselves on being part of the counterculture, being tastemakers, upholding themselves to a certain standard of the artists that they include, and I think one of the problems is that female artists are so often tainted as pop artists even when they don't necessarily intend to be," Halsey said. "Female artists can put out the same style of a record as a male artist and when a male artist does it, it has a certain type of dignity, it has a certain type of edge ... as soon as a woman puts out a record of the same caliber, it's immediately filed as a pop record no matter what." Halsey said it's something she's experienced in her own career with the success of "Closer." "It was this giant pop record and immediately I was a pop artist even though I put out an alternative album, I played alternative festivals and I was on alternative radio," she said. "As soon as (you) do one pop record it's like the kiss of death for a female artist sometimes." Gary Bongiovanni, CEO of concert trade publication Pollstar, said he didn't think the gap between male and female headliners at Coachella was calculated. "I don't see that there's any sexism. There's nothing more than trying to put together a bill of artists that the public wants to see. And we live in a world where a significant majority of the acts are either male or male-fronted bands versus females or female-fronted bands," he said.

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