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Developed from ancient Chinese martial arts, the sport of wushu sees these young women moving fluidly, slicing the air with silver swords. Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters After learning the sport in Iran, Sima won medals in competition and says: "My ambition is to see my students take part in international matches and win medals for their country." Despite ครีมหน้าเงา สวย ๆ ถูก ๆ the popularity of martial arts in Afghanistan, women's sport is severely restricted. All of the women in the club are Hazara, a Dari-speaking, mainly Shia group. They have generally more liberal social traditions that allow them to practise sports outside the home. Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters In addition to the regular dangers of life in Kabul, these women face intimidation and abuse. One member, Shakila Muradi, says: "There are many people harassing us, but we ignore them and follow our goals." Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters Image copyright Mohammad Ismail/ Reuters Sima has been teaching in Kabul for about a year, training at the club's gym with her father. This gym has a large poster of stuntman Hussain Sadiqi, a Hazara martial arts champion who fled to Australia to work in film. Her father declares his pride in his daughter. "I am really happy that I helped, encouraged and supported Sima," he says.

Depending on the product, the market is segmented personal care product and healthcare product. By personal care product, the market is further divided into oral care, make-up, skin care and hair care & fragrances. By healthcare product, the market is further segregated into dietary supplements, ayurvedic nutraceuticals and ayurvedic medicines. By application, the market is subjugated into skin diseases, cardiovascular, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, mental health, nervous system disorders, respiratory disorders and other applications. Based on distribution channel, the market is subjected into pharmacy & drug stores, internet retailing, supermarkets and other distribution channels. This industry report analyzes the Indian market for Ayurveda across all the ครีมหน้าใส given segments presented in the research scope. The study provides historical market data for 2013, 2014 revenue estimations are presented for 2015 and forecasts from 2016 till 2025. The study focuses on market trends, leading players, supply chain trends, technological innovations, key developments, and ครีมหน้าเงา pantip future strategies. With comprehensive market assessment across the country, the report is a valuable asset for the existing players, new entrants and the future investors. Key Topics Covered: 1 Market Outline 2 Executive Summary 3 Market Overview 3.1 Current Trends 3.1.1 Growing Urbanization & Changing Lifestyle 3.1.2 Adopting as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) 3.1.3 New Innovative Product Launches 3.1.4 Growth Opportunities/Investment Opportunities 3.2 Drivers 3.3 Constraints 3.4 Industry Attractiveness 4 India Ayurvedic Market, By Mode of sale 4.1 Retail Sale 4.2 Online Sale 5 India Ayurvedic Market, By Product 5.1 Personal Care Product Oral Care Make-Up Skin Care Moisturizer Scrub Creams Face Wash Hair Care & Fragrances 5.2 Healthcare Product ) Dietary Supplements Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals Ayurvedic Medicines 6 India Ayurvedic Market, By Application 6.1 Skin Diseases 6.2 Cardiovascular 6.3 Diabetes 6.4 Autoimmune Diseases 6.5 Cancer 6.6 Mental Health 6.7 Nervous System Disorders 6.8 Respiratory Disorders 6.9 Other Applications 7 India Ayurvedic Market, By Distribution Channel 7.1 Pharmacy & Drug Stores 7.2 Internet Retailing 7.3 Supermarkets 7.4 Other Distribution Channels 8 Leading Companies 8.1 Patanjali Ayurved Limited 8.2 Emami Ltd.

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