Media Captionwatch: Freezing Fog Covers London Landmarks Image Copyright Ros Wharf / Weather Watchers Image Caption Foggy Conditions Along The River Thames In Vauxhall, London The Cold Weather Has Also Meant Parts Of The Uk Are Suffering From High Levels Of Air Pollution, Which Is Expected To Continue Into Tuesday, As Pollutants Fail To Disperse In The Still Conditions.

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The "ground halt", which the unit of United Continental Holdings Inc disclosed in a tweet at 8:06 pm ET and lifted about an hour later, follows a series of problems at United and other airlines last year. International flights were not affected, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The number of flights that were affected was not known. "The ground stop has been lifted. We're working to get flights on their way," United said in a tweet. . United said it would waive change fees for passengers with a 'travel waiver' but passengers took their frustration to social media and the Chicago-based airline started responding to their tweets. "This has been the worst customer service experience and worst flying service ever experienced in 30+ years," one passenger tweeted. "My minor son, the one stuck in Tampa with a tumor in his skull? You just told him he can't stay in a hotel.

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About 100 flights have been affected at Heathrow; London City has cancelled 88 flights; and Gatwick has cancelled nine flights and warned delays are likely. A total of 39 flights have been cancelled at Southampton airport. A Met Office fog warning for much of southern England has now been lifted, but forecasters say there could be further disruption on Tuesday morning. cheap flights from sfo to anywhere Media captionWatch: Freezing fog covers London landmarks Image copyright Ros Wharf / Weather Watchers Image caption Foggy conditions along the River Thames in Vauxhall, London The cold weather has also meant parts of the UK are suffering from high levels of air pollution, which is expected to continue into Tuesday, as pollutants fail to disperse in the still conditions. Met Office forecaster Emma Boorman said it was likely patches of dense fog would re-form overnight to cause "potential disruption" in parts of England and Wales, particularly in the south. On Monday morning, Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, Southampton and Stansted airports - where visibility has been at 100m - all warned passengers to check flight updates before travelling. Heathrow said the effect of fog on flights there could be more noticeable than at most airports because it operates at 98% capacity, meaning it is harder to space flights out. Image copyright @HeathrowAirport Stansted has been taking some diverted flights from London City Airport, with a spokesman saying seven had landed so far, but passengers have been warned of further disruption due to the fog. Flights to Amsterdam were the worst-affected due to fog at Schiphol Airport. Liverpool Airport also said fog and low visibility had affected them on Monday morning, despite not being covered by the weather warning. On Sunday evening, freezing fog led to two flights bound for Southampton having to divert to Bristol and Bournemouth airports, but Luton has not been affected.

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