Some Challenges For Logical Newspaper Plans

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(Photos by Getty Images and Las Vegas Sun via Associated Press; Washington Post staff illustration) NHL Expansion Mock Draft: Protected lists and picks for the Vegas Golden Knights With the June 21 expansion draft for the Vegas Golden Knights approaching, The Washington Post enlisted the help of beat reporters around the NHL to help conduct a mock draft. Thirty reporters submitted lists of the players they believe will be protected by the team they cover. From the remaining names, and with the help of’s expansion draft tool , The Post drafted its own Golden Knights roster according to the NHL’s rules governing the draft ( see note below ). For the purposes of this exercise, we assumed no side deals to incentivize the Knights to take (or avoid) certain players. We also assumed Vegas would prefer to pass on unrestricted free agents with their draft selections. Finally, teams will be making numerous roster moves between now and Sunday’s deadline for protected lists. The picks below are based on the NHL landscape as of the morning of June 15. Our general philosophy was to avoid albatross contracts and focus on young players or tradeable assets. The team below doesn’t include any free agents signed by the Knights (e.g.

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